Some years ago it used to be easy to control your electronics, you simply needed to turn the knob but nowadays this has completely changed because most of the electronics are more complicated in that they come with a whole lot more features. A home theatre for example will come packed with feature-rich TVs, AV receivers, cable boxes and all these will demand their own remotes. Now this is where this article will become of use to you because in it is a list of apps that can help you to turn your iPhone into a remote. It is possible to replace your pile of remotes with an app that does everything they can do and many more. I have been able to come up with a list of five apps that can help you do so and also I have briefly given a description of each.



This is a remote control app that was developed by NewKinetix. What Re does is to literally cut out the Wi-Fi to IR middleman by utilizing an IR dongle that plugs directly into your iPhone. Re has a very large and updated database of control codes and in addition to this it can learn the controls of a device from the device itself. When used in conjunction with the free Re app, this system will allow you to control virtually any IR device. It is also possible to create a custom menu for controlling, say your home theatre, but you will have to use the integrated BUMP app to transfer it to your iPhone. As you have seen this app will literally allow you to use your iPhone as your remote so hurry and get now.


iRule uses a combination of both software and hardware to control your home devices. This app is a little bit complicated for first time users but don